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M-Analyst is the only independent merchant processing analysis system designed to provide unbiased and accurate decisionable data for merchants. Only trust statement analysis from partners using M-Analyst!

"We have had our processing reviewed countless times. I never feel that we can trust all of the different spreadsheets and savings figures that reps give to us.  Knowing that there is a specific tool designed to accurately differentiate proposals from multiple providers, I feel confident that we will make the best decisions on any future payment vendor." Dolores Willis - Laird Plastics - Boca Raton, FL

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Issues and Problems With Legacy Merchant Processing Analysis

Error Prone


Analysis done by hand or with a spreadsheet leaves many opennings for errors in both calculation and data entry.  These errors could be honest or intentional.



There are over 750 interchange rates and fees from Visa and MasterCard alone and these rates change every 6 months.  How accurate can an analysis be if it is not being maintained full time?

Time Consuming


Doing either manually calculate or modified spreadsheets to fit data takes a serious amount of time and effort.  Many times leaving merchants waiting for days or weeks for responses.



Companies have a lot to lose by not getting or retaining your business.  The analysis that they perform typically error on the side of savings to make the numbers look more appealing to you.

27% of payment profesionals polled said they use hand written calculations to provide ROI to merchants.

72% of payment professionals polled said that the spreadsheet they use for statement analysis is not accurate.

Merchant Benefits to M-Analyst

Independent - M-Analyst is not affilitated with any banks, issuers or acquirers.  We are not biased to any vendors or partners.  So you can trust on the results from our systems.

Trusted - As we are not influenced by outside parties, our goal is to provide merchants with a trusted source for statement analysis and ROI reports.  

Confidence - Knowing that you have accurate analysis data allows you to have more confidence in selecting business partners.  

Accurate - M-Analyst maintains all of the rates and fees provided by the card networks and associations. All of the calculations and reports have been auditied by multiple CPA's and CPP's.

Save Time - M-Analyst reduces the time it takes payment professionals to service your needs and requests, thus saving you time. 

Decisionable Data - The way M-Analyst complies the data for your processing, allows you to see how your payment eco-system is working and where you can make changes that will have a positive impact to your profits and revenue.

Download a sample statement analysis to see how well organized data can work for your decision making.

M-Analyst can help you compare multiple proposals based on your current processing statements.  If you are interested in having M-Analyst create a report for you, please contact us today.