Screen Shots

M-ANALYST Dashboard is clean and direct, giving the user quick views of the most recent analysis added as well as a graph of the number of completed analysis performed over the last 6 months.  Quickly find and access customer records to edit or send to your merchant.  Search for records by name, date, or status.  Archive records as they are closed and recall them at anytime.

The My Account screens in M-ANAYST allow administrators to upload company logos, manage users, and billing information details.  The main screen provides quick view details for total number of users, user activity, number of analysis completed and much more.

Creating a new merchant analysis begins with entering all of the basic details about the merchant like, name, contact information and number of locations.  M-ANALYST will automatically create a list of each location that you can add descriptions to and run individual location analysis.  Once all locations analysis are complete, M-ANALYST will automatically create a consilidated Combine Location Report.

M-ANALYST data entry screen is laid out in a way that makes it easy for new reps to seasoned industry veterans to quickly and accurately add every fee necessary.  Add items and fees on the fly or use Lookup Boxes for interchange and assessments that pull from an accurate and updated database of current fees.  Additionally, M-ANALYST allows for data input by tab for: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Pin Debit, ACH/Echeck, Gift/Loyalty, Gateway and Processor.

Once all Current Fee Data has been entered M-ANALYST moves you to the next stage, Proposed Fee Data.  In this stage, M-ANALYST creates a side-by-side layout where you can enter in the fee for each line item of your proposed charges. Quickly see how you are stacking up versus the current rates as you move through each tab.

The most important feature of M-ANALYST is the Merchant Summary and Comparison.  Combining all of the data entered,  M-ANALYST organizes the numbers in a layout that is easy to read and understand for your merchants.  See monthly and annualized totals for BankCard, Non Bank Card and Processor Fees. Side-By-Side of total fees from Current to Proposed, Savings per product type, Effective Rates, Savings %, and Savings Per Transaction.  Print or Email the summary to present to your client.

Included with the Merchant Summary and Comparison are 6 graphs that provide a visual representation of important aspects of the processing data.  Show your clients graphicly where the costs are coming from, what payment types are the most popular, how interchange optimization can impact thier costs, and where your proposed fees compare to their current vendors.  Set yourself apart from your competition with M-ANALYST and win the business you've been missing.


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